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Send your next video project skyward. Let our skilled drone videographers create aerial footage that elevates your message.

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Aerial filming & drone videography made easy

Sweeping landscapes, outdoor gatherings and events, glittering city skylines — they’re all better when viewed from above. To really capture the magic and excitement of your subject, you need more than just another videographer with a drone. You need seasoned professionals, storytellers, industry certified experts. Say hello to White Gold Productions.

How we work

We start with you

A sharp promotional video for your new launch? Coverage of a stand-out event? Inspirational scenes for a thought-provoking documentary? Whether you’re in government research or real estate, we take the time to understand you and your goals.

We make a plan

Flawless aerial footage doesn’t happen by accident. From location scouting to weather tracking, our videographers and producers work through every detail for you. At every stage, your budget, your goals, and your deadline are our guiding lights.

Ready for take off

Pre-flight checks done, we’re ready to launch. Our drone operators are certified by Transport Canada, and the proud owners of the most advanced, reliable aerial filming equipment available. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Professional, affordable aerial and drone videography

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