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When the capabilities of live action filming are reached, video animation begins. There are few video production techniques that tell a story or deliver a message so effectively. Better than that, it usually costs less than the alternative, too. Our Vancouver-based animators, sound experts and motion graphics artists have spent years honing their skills. Here’s why you’ll want them on your team.

How we work

Your Objectives

From eye-popping adverts to product explainers and employee onboarding demonstrations, we start with what you need. We take the time to understand your organisation, your audience and your message — the things that form the DNA of your story.

Thoughtful storyboards

Great animation starts with great storytelling. With you as our compass, our team of creatives get to work on the storyboarding, visual concepts, asset design and scriptwriting. 

Awesome sound design

Eye-catching visuals deserve an outstanding soundtrack. Our sound specialists bring your animation to life with carefully chosen sound effects, music and professional voice overs. Audio that hits the right note with your brand.

Engaging, cost-effective animated video

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